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Not Quite as Predicted

No new comic... no excuse, just haven't been much in the mood for drawing lately. The comic is, for the most part, finished though. I'm a bad person.

Pick Up The Change

Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've updated this baby. I think Gary is working on comics, but then again he may be spending way to much time crafting his trance techno album. If you really want new comics then maybe a few carefully worded e-mails to him might do the trick.

So, since I last updated many, many, many things have happened. I could tell you all about them but that would mean decreased sales on my memiors that I'll undoubtably be writing in 20 years. But the biggest thing in my mind that has happened since then is my trip to see the Hives live in concert at Columbus's very own Newport bar and entertainment facility. It was an amazing show. Let me quote what one of the Hives posted on the website the day after: "...the night was nothing but magical. Sweat dripped from the ceiling and the sexual tension exploded in a rumbling musical orgasm at the drop of a dime. Perfect build up = perfect climax!!!" Yes, it was THAT good.

Now, any normal person would think that a concert like that will probably never be topped. But I think there is a good chance of that happening on February 9, 2005 when the incredibly talented Wilco come to Columbus's Wexner Center for one night of hard hitting experimental rock n' roll (or alt-country, depending on who you ask). Words can not describe my excitment for that concert. But this picture can. That's it for this week folks. I promise to write home a little more often.

Travis is PO'd at...

OK, it's finally time to update. Yes, yes I know you've been waiting for this moment ever since I last wrote one of my pointless, mind numbing updates. But rest assured, the moment has arrived for another update. Well Christmas has come and gone, but winter definatly plans on sticking around. Last week, Old Man Winter dumped a foot of snow on us and I've herd as much as 3 feet near Cleveland. "This is the worst snow I've seen in awhile." commented my dad. But hey, I'm not complaining, it got me out of a day of work because of the level three snow emergency. The roads still suck in town. I guess once the snow emergency's gone the road crews get to go home. Theres still 2+ inches of snow on the roads in some places. All the roads outside of town are clear though so that makes it a little better. On March 8th, Motley Crue's "Red, White and Crue" tour comes to town and I'm sure that show is gonna rock. And yes, all four originals are gonna be thereGran Turismo 4 was supposed to come out today, but was delayed sometime this month to sometime around the first part of February. That game better be damn good for how long they're taking. It went from "Spring 04" to "Winter 04" to now what I guess you could call "Spring 05." I dunno, whatever, as long as it comes out eventually. So, that's about all folks. Later on homies.

-TS Cool

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